so whats it all about?

Raising Funds to Help Fund Foodbanks in your Area

We started the init project initially as a dietary analysis app to help Allergen sufferers and Vegans avoid food that is not suitable to their dietary requirements after seeing headline after headline of some poor soul who has been victim of bad food labelling.

Then Lockdown hit us with Covid and the it soon became apparent that so many people were suffering both with money and with their health.

We saw so many people losing so much and for the first time became aware of Food Banks and how vital they are and will continue to be in the years following the pandemic.

So we decided to put my skills to use with food banks and helping people in your local area via the init app.

Now init is live app with live price comparisons for single items and full baskets with dietary and nutritional analysis. 

How you can Help

We want to make init an app where giving scales up eternally the more people shop, share and care via the app the more they are helping people in their local area via donations and data sharing rewards.

By using the init website search or the init app to make price comparisons before you shop you will be helping us to get more hits on supermarket websites which will ultimately in future stages of app development lead to affiliate based commisions on sales through the init app.

The money raised from commissions will of course be donated to foodbanks in your local area. 

The Impact

So many people are struggling to make ends meet in everyday life and since the pandemic this is just escalating massively with food banks running short on daily basis and some people close to starvation due to lack of income whilst having massive financial commitments from their pre-pandemic lives.

With init the sharing and caring will be ongoing the more people use the app the more people are helped.  The effect will snowball and be ongoing and hopefully eternal.

We will continue to develop the app to add more useful money saving and health improving features whilst mining more product data to ensure all food brands are represented in our app.

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