Nutritional Analysis


Balancing your nutritional intake is a key factor to good health but the food manufacturers make it very difficult to see exactly what we are consuming, sometimes this is due to overmarketing and sometimes this is due to lack of space on the product for printing the relevant information in a way that is easy to understand by the customer. So there are three main problems in the display of nutritional information on products:

Misleading Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)

When nutritional data is overmarketed on products it bases the numbers provided on a woman’s  RDI of  nutritional elements (far less than a man’s RDI), this is never made apparent to the customer and an assumption is formed by the customer that the number is correct.

We solve this problem by allowing the app user to modify their RDI values for all the nutritional elements, thus presenting an always accurate nutritional breakdown for them.

Nutritional Preferences
Nutritional Analysis

Misleading Sample Sizes

The other problem with nutritional data is that it if often based on a 100g portion or complete pack size, and sometimes on what the manufacturer deems to be a portion, this part is always in small print as space is at a premium on product packaging.

We solve this problem with algorithms that extrapolate the nutritional data for as many variants as possible, pack size, 100g size, portion size, per biscuit, per slice, per pot, per burger, per sausage etc. 

Hard to Read

Nutritional data can be very hard to read on products sometimes due to restrictions on the size available to print the information and sometimes due to the type of product packaging.  Add to this that a standardized display format is not yet global and the confusion differs from country to country.

We solve this problem by displaying the data in an easy to understand and customisable (only see what  you want) format based upon EU Traffic Lights and Nova Systems, view in normal metrics or in cubes, spoons and syns:

Dietary Preferences
Ingredients Highlighting
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